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In Akadema's short but remarkable history it has become America's hottest baseball and softball equipment company for professional, college, high school and serious youth players. 

Baseball Gloves

In August 2008, Akadema did what very few American companies do these days. They brought American manufacturing home and created jobs for American craftsmen.Akadema's ownership has a love of the game and the USA. Akadema believes Americans should be able to make products that are loved and respected around the world. Our goal is to be the USA’s largest domestic baseball glove manufacturer and make the best quality product. Akadema is willing to sacrifice the bottom line. We hope you will support Akadema and its American initiative. All products, built here in the USA or abroad, will help Akadema create more American jobs.


With a light tan palm and a chocolate brown shell, the Torino Series performs even better than it looks. Akadema's newest glove line features kip leather that enables the Torino Series to be 20% lighter, yet just as durable as US steerhide gloves. The Torino Series gloves break in quickly and are more durable than our competitors.


The ProSoft Series was born to meet the desire of players looking for the distinct advantage of a game-ready glove. Light and playable right out of the workshop, the ProSoft Series was constructed to give a player the unparalleled fit and feel right off the bat. Right or Left hand throw.


Precision Kip leather is 20% lighter and tighter grained than steerhide. The Hides are harvested in Europe and tanned in Japan. The gloves are more pliable, easier to break in and have more tensile strength than our competitors glove lines.

 Softball Gloves


The AJB-74 was designed for a lady or girl’s hand providing small and thin fingerstalls, easy break-in, and a shorter distance between thumb and index finger, allowing the glove to be more manageable. Right or Left Hand Throw.

Youth Gloves

The Rookie Series (Ages 6-9) was created for younger players who are serious about baseball and want to play like their favorite stars. Akadema uses full grain soft leather in the construction for easy break-in and comfort.


12” pattern, B-hive web, serious high level youth glove. The ARC uses the same USA Steerhide leather pocket and web as the Akadema Professional Series for increased durability and quality

How to break in my Akadema Baseball or Softball Glove

Metal baseball Bats

The Apocalypse bat uses the advanced technology of the Catapult Ice, but gives its own shocking features that would intimidate any pitcher. The Apocalypse Bat is 100% Scandium Alloy that is dipped in Glycol to cool down the bat and give it greater strength and durability. The bat is made with the same machine that is used to make Hydra Missiles. The Apocalypse also features Counter Balance technology, allowing for a lighter feeling barrel.

Sizes: 31"/28oz, 32"/29oz, 33"/30oz, 34"/31oz

Wood Bats


A829 Pro 8 Series Ash wood bat is made from A grade Northern White Ash harvested from the New York -Pennsylvania Appalachian Forest. 2 3/8" barrel, 1 1/8" tapered handle, large 2" knob.

M681 Maple 6 Series wood bat is made from the top elite Upstate New York- New England hard sugar Maple. The bat has a patented Tacktion grip made from sunflower seeds. Medium barrel, 7/8" tapered handle, 1 7/8" knob.


 Batting Gloves
XS, S, M, L, XL
Youth: S, M, L

These genuine sheepskin leather gloves have double knit spandex gussets, back and thumb. The BTG series gloves are manufactured with reinforced adjustable wrist closure and elastic cut.

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