Monday, July 13, 2015

Things You Can Control

Baseball is a game of ups and downs. We had mostly downs this season. But with that said as a team we learned that we can fight and are never out of the game. Baseball is a tough mental game.

Somethings you can control, your attitude, how you hustle, and how much you work to get better. But somethings you can't like umpires strike zone, plays made by the other team, and talent of other team. You have to prepare for the things you can and let the ball bounce where it will.

As we continue to grow as a team we will continue to work on being mentally tough. If you can learn to not quit you will be hard to beat.

Babe Ruth once said: " It is hard to beat someone who never gives up!"

So when you are working to get better in the cage or on the field train your mind to never give up and to visualize the positive end result.