Monday, July 13, 2015

Things You Can Control

Baseball is a game of ups and downs. We had mostly downs this season. But with that said as a team we learned that we can fight and are never out of the game. Baseball is a tough mental game.

Somethings you can control, your attitude, how you hustle, and how much you work to get better. But somethings you can't like umpires strike zone, plays made by the other team, and talent of other team. You have to prepare for the things you can and let the ball bounce where it will.

As we continue to grow as a team we will continue to work on being mentally tough. If you can learn to not quit you will be hard to beat.

Babe Ruth once said: " It is hard to beat someone who never gives up!"

So when you are working to get better in the cage or on the field train your mind to never give up and to visualize the positive end result.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Fixing Your Swing with Zepp Labs

Practice makes you better but perfect practice makes you even better. With today's technology you can make that happen. I love baseball and I love coaching baseball. I know there are many ways to teach the skill of hitting. If you listen to speakers or watch some lessons most look the same. If you fix a few mistakes it will help a player become a better hitter. The problem I have sometimes is kids trying to crush the baseball. This causes them to take a huge cut at the baseball. This causes the front shoulder to fly open to soon. This causes your head to pull off the baseball and you swing and miss or hit a weak ground ball. Teaching a kid to keep everything compact is hard to do.  It takes practice to be a good hitter. How can this be fixed? You have to make sure the hitter doesn't open up.  Start with a old bat and a punching heavy bag or an old tire mounted about waist high. Set up in a regular hitting stance. Start with your chin place on your front shoulder. Keeping feet stationary begin to swing the bat hitting the bag or tire. Notice your hips and shoulder will rotate toward the impact zone at the same time. For the next 10 swings still leaving feet planted shift weight on back leg and then explode toward the bag. Next move to a batting tee with a deflated basketball on it. Know keeping your chin on your shoulder and in your normal stance, take your normal stride and hit the basketball. Keys to check: Did my shoulder stay closed Did my head stay on the ball Did my hips stay closed Everything should move the same time keeping elbows bent and close to body till contact. Then repeat for about 10 swings. Finally place a baseball on the tee and continue to hit keeping all the keys in mind. A good thing to do is to get someone to video tape your swings and you can what yourself swinging. Believe me it is a big help to see for yourself what is happening when you swing. In conclusion practice and hitting drills can only take you so far. If you want to be great you have to put in the work for yourself after practice is over. Study your swing, watch videos of other swings, study the game and become a student. You will see major improvement in your game. Keep the chin down and shoulder in and you will see a difference. Another good way to study your swing is by using the Zepp Baseball Swing Sensor. Zepp 3D Baseball Swing Analyzer This could be one of the best new baseball inventions. The analyzer attaches to the knob of the bat and syncs with the app form the app store, or Google Play store to display your swings. Then gives you a break down of bat speed, bat angle, hand speed, attack angle, and time to impact. You cam also video your swing and compare it to the pros like Trout, Stanton, and Pence.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Hard Work


I have been reading a book called Changing The Game by John O'Sullivan. I this book he talks about vision and what you see for your child's future. He asks you to vision your future of you child and what you see them doing or being. Then to sear that vision in to your mind.
With that vision you then work your way to ensuring that your child gets there. Everything you do has a single purpose of making sure your child gets to that spot.
Now if we can do that for someone else why can't you do it for yourself. Envision yourself 5, 10, 15 years down the road and sear that image in your brain. Now do everything you can to get there. Every step you take needs to have purpose. No room for negative thoughts. Drive with a purpose forward that end goal!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Think Positive To Be A Winner!

As an athlete if you have any negative thoughts its hard to be successful at what you want to accomplish.

You have to have a positive attitude to strive. Positive Coaching Alliance talks about filling your emotional tank. Which means positive attitude trumps negative thoughts. Coach your athletes with positive sayings. Negative talk just beats kids down we want to build them up.

Everyone makes mistakes teach in a way that shows players or athletes that you can recover from them and still succeed.

-- Use things like its OK get the next one.   -- Shake it off and keep shooting the ball.
-- Or you will lift that the next time you are in the gym.
-- The next sale is all you!

Doesn't matter what you are doing or what sport, job, class whatever a positive attitude will get you further then negative thoughts.